Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guess i'm kind of lazy to be blogging at my old blog. so i shall jus make do with this one. & cos i have like 20 mins to leaving hostel room in getting a tram to sch. I SHALL BLOG. lol.
but sensitive topic cant be in this blog since it's like "un-locked"

moving on to the 2nd week of school. everything still seems new & unsure. joined some clubs & still think it's best with the sg grp as for now. guessed the homely feeling is still good. makes me misses all my beloved in sg MORE too when i'm hanging ard with them.

tutorials! i'm like back to year 1, starting everything all over again. trying to get used to doing all the readings every night and balance out all of the meeting up and studying. sometimes it sort of worry me that joining those clubs, is that the right thing to do? but all these clubs and events are stuffs i can never enjoy back in sg uni. yea! so i'm hoping to stay committed. probably by sacrificing some sleeping time. thou it's like hell important for me!! lol. but if no clubs means no frens. and that certainly cant happen.
dawn on me that frens are really important when u're overseas studying. especially some who u can really click with. if not it's gonna be endless depression thru out the uni life.

guess that wld be all for now then. got to go. dont wanna be late for my bb tutorial. oh n especially excited to see which handsome dude is gonna be my bb tutor tdy :DD ahahhah. kind of hua chi but a pretty/handsome lecturer really does help in getting students attention!!

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